• 🐀Is there a risk associated with this crypto/token?
    Yes, there is sadly always some risks involved with crypto,
    all of which are outside of our control
    (for example the price of XRP, and the risks from the maintanance of the blockchain itself)

  • 🐀Is there a Airdrop? has it finished yet?
    Yes there was, and yes it has finished,
    50AFA has already been airdropped to nearly 6000 unique Addresses

  • 🐀Will there be another Airdrop?
    NO, only competitions (on discord, or twitter)

  • 🐀When are the NFTs released?
    we will release NFTs for sale for AFA, once the XLS-20 standard is released,
    and a decent market place supports this,
    or if this wait is clearly going to be too long, we will using Flare or the Songbird Network
    (we may offer this as an option either way in future if available)

  • 🐀How much AFA do we need?
    50AFA gets you your "free" airdrop Rattie, 5k all different,
    100AFA gets you a Basic Rattie, 10 Variants to collect, 100 minted of each variant.
    200AFA gets you a Rare Rattie, 10 Variants to collect, but only 50 minted of each variant.
    600AFA gets you a custom Rattie, each one totally hand drawn and unique, 5 minted at
    this price, then price doubles every 5 that are made/minted.

  • 🐀 How do i go about getting a Custom Rattie NFT ?
    There will be a google form to fill out, which will create a list,
    where we will then pick from this list, and contact you.
    CustomAFA page

  • 🐀Is the rumour true, is gadget78 your Developer? and why keep that quiet?
    Yes he is, ArtyFartyAnimals/JD is the daughter of gadget78.
    we kept it "secret" at first as we wanted the artwork to be the reason that AFA succeeded, plus didn't want people to think we had special treatment/promotion, but as time passed, seems that this has had the opposite effect, as gadget78 puts SO much time into the sheet (gadget78.uk) plus trying to keep from talking about it also restricts when and how gadget78 can work, so this is why we felt we had to now be open about this situation.

  • 🐀Who are the other Team Members ?
    @artyfartyanimals - is our Artist (Daughter of gadget78/Mick/The dev
    @gadget78 - Lead developer
    @FrischNL - Moderator, marketing
    @bigcjat - developer support

  • 🐀How many Gifted ratties have you made so far ?
    These can be found within our discord server under collabs room
    to name a few;
    gadget78 (toothless), Bear_Bull/StrategyEngine, SuperEagleCoin / SECcoin, xShrooms, Editions, xMochiDonuts, PARC,XCHIBI, xPepe, Yoniverse, LFGO, xToadz, xRock, Calorie