" Rat's, just like XRP are very misunderstood "


/ Project description

ArtyFartyAnimals is a project with the focus on stylish hand-drawn-aesthetic art,
with our own fully in house Artist and developers working together.
starting with our sitting Rat characters.


The AFA token itself will be used to redeem these NFTs,
We offer different NFT's at different $AFA amounts.
How many $AFA tokens you need to redeem our NFT's
will depend on the rarity, series, and custom nature of your desired NFT.


// Token Purpose
The purpose of our token is to hold a whitelist spot onchain
for a "free" mint of our NFT artworks;
 the benifit of creating our own token is that these whitelist spots are public and tradeable,
this allows you the users to exit and join freely unhindered by us.
because without a token, our whitelist spots would have to be off chain,
where it would be less secure, also making it harder for users to freely join and exit themselves.


/// Airdrop?

We initially airdropping 50AFA to nearly 6 thousand Trustlines
so they can claim our "Airdrop Rattie series" once minted.
or they can exchange them to other people, so they can claim one,
or collect many to exchange for rarer/different NFTs once available.
We wont be putting up any more tokens onto the DEX

until we are able to Mint. To keep the exchange value a true representation