" Rat's, just like XRP are very misunderstood "


I am an Artist, that loves all things Arty Crafty, and am now creating pieces digitally,
but still retaining their hand drawn asthetics.
I will be creating many collections, as well as custom pieces that will be drawn to order,
my 1st series will be the sitting rat collection.

I have created this "fungable" token "AFA" so it can be used as a IOU token,
to "buy" my non-fungible NFT Ratties, once released.
We are using the XRPL due to ease of use, cost and speed of settlement.
This will help me control the amount of workload
as all my art is original hand drawn custom pieces,
so it takes time.

The AFA will be used to buy
our proper NFT/non-fungable art,
once we are able to "mint" them on either XRPL or Songbird/Flare networks.


We will be initially airdropping 50AFA up to 6 thousand Trustlines
so they can claim our airdrop rattie once minted.
Or you can sell them to other people, so they can buy rarer/pieces once available.
We wont be putting up any more tokens on the DEX

until AFTER the airdrop, when we can MINT.