How to Buy AFA

  • Install Xumm Wallet (Android or iOS) 
    you can find current install links from their website at
    remember to keep the seed address extremely safe and share with NOBODY!
  • Transfer XRP to your newly created Xumm Wallet to activate it,
    you will need 10 XRP for the activation, and 2XRP for the additional trustline.
    this can be sent from Any exchange that supports XRP,
    transfering XRP only cost 0.00012 XRP, and will settle/complete in UNDER 4 seconds
    for example you can use this tutorial at site for CoinBase exchange
    you are transfering XRP to the address that starts with an "r"
    that is displayed at the top of the main tab in XUMM (and you do not need a "tag" if asked)
  • then add the AFA trustline by scaning the QR code at this website.(after pressing confirm)


Now you Have XUMM wallet setup

to trade via your Desktop computer goto:  
to trade within the XUMM app goto: