On Mint, AFA is Burnt in replace of NFT.

Half of all AFA has already been Airdropped (300k)

  • 50AFA
    gets you your "free" airdrop Rattie,
    12 variants to collect.
  • 100AFA
    gets you a Basic Rattie,
    10 Variants to collect,
    100 minted of each variant.
  • 200AFA
    gets you a Rare Rattie,
    10 Variants to collect,
    but only 50 minted of each variant.
  • 300AFA
    gets you a custom Rattie,
    each one totally hand drawn and unique, 5 minted at this price,
    then price doubles every 5 made.


  • Airdropped Ratties
    300k AFA Airdropped
    (50AFA to 6k trustlines)  =
    (50AFAx500in each batch)x12variants
  • Main NFTs
    200k AFA = (100AFAx10Variants)x100minted of each, PLUS,
    (200AFAx10Variants)x50 minted of each
  • Custom NFTs
    48k+ =
    300AFA x5, plus, 600AFA x5, plus, 1200AFAx5, plus, 2400AFAx5, plus, 4800AFAx5+
  • leaving just 41kAFA left for the last few custom rats, or left for future projects